Microfluidic Device for Circulating Tumor Cell Liquid Biopsy


A prototype of the device made in PDMS ©ankitaryan

Separation of Circulating Tumor Cells ( CTCs) from the bloodstream for the treatment of blood cancer and the prevention of spread of Malignant tumor cells to other organs without causing damage to healthy cells is a major challenge in the field of Cancer treatment. Similarly, isolation of Tumor Cells from an infected blood sample for an early diagnosis requires the expertise of a skilled researcher and the use of expensive reagents which limits its affordability.

The current project focuses on the design, fabrication, testing and optimizing of a microfluidic h-filter based device for the magnetic-separation of tumor cells. The device has been fabricated using a 3d-printed mould with positive surface pattern and surface treated for better curing of PDMS near the mould’s surface.


Microscope image of the H-Filter inside the device ©ankitaryan

Currently, the device is in testing and optimization phase and will soon be converted to an entirely 3D Printed device for supporting the manufacturability of the device.

Project Status: Ongoing