Exploring Flexible 3D Printed Films for making Wearable Sensors and Solar Cells

In this project, I am trying to explore the use of a flexible 3d-printed membrane with embossed micron-features for fabrication of organic and perovskite solar cells and single-crystal growth on top of the membrane as well sensors like pressure sensor by spin-coating nickel/carbon-black doped PDMS (Poly Dimethyl Siloxane) on the membrane. This membrane is extremely flexible, chemical resistant (it is made of a heavily cross-linked polymer) and the use of multijet 3d printing for its fabrication enables patterning microstructures with the features being as small as 60 microns.

img_e5770.jpgA flexible pixel-mask made using the same procedure ©ankitaryan

IMG_5856 (2)

An image of the 3d printed film coated with wax ©ankitaryan

Project Status: Ongoing