About Me

River Tiber, Rome

I am a tinkerer, an entrepreneur and a nanotechnology and HCI enthusiast with great interest in the field of bioengineering and infection biology. I have the aim to develop economical and efficient devices that could help in the early diagnosis of chronic diseases and could facilitate drug delivery processes. Currently, I’m in the final year of my bachelors in Engineering Physics and I am working in EPFL, Switzerland on an eight-month bachelors project till January, 2020 in McKinney Lab. I’m working on bioprinting structures that can mimic lung physiology (alveoli, air-blood-barrier etc.) to develop models for studying lung-infection like M.Tb in in-vivo-like conditions and also studying the host-pathogen iteraction dynamics of Mycobacterium Abscessus infection by doing timelapse microscopy over a few days with its infection of Bone-Marrow-Derived-Macrophages (murine).

In the past I’ve worked on the designing and fabrication of 3D-printed Microfluidic Channels, LOC (Lab-On-A-Chip) device for rapid POC (Point-of-Care) diagnosis of Circulating Tumor Cells using liquid biopsy and fabrication of 3D Printed flexible bioelectronic sensors under the guidance of Prof. Soumitra Satapathi, Dept. of Physics, IIT Roorkee in Satapathi Lab.

I have also co-founded a nanotechnology hardware instrumentation company, LabX Scientific Pvt. Ltd. where we are trying to make nanofabrication instruments with advanced algorithms and embedded artificial intelligence. I started this with the conceptualization and subsequent fabrication of a Smart Spin Coater and now we developing similar devices in order to better realise the aim of personalised nano-fabrication. I look forward to working with people in the field of Microfluidics, 3D Printing and Lab-on-a-Chip devices to make affordable Point-of-Care diagnostic systems and(or) improve our understanding of biological systems using microfluidic/bioprinted systems.